The Average Person Wastes 26 Days A Year Doing Nothing

Some days more than others may feel like they’re being spent doing nothing. As it turns out, the average person loses one month of their life every year doing exactly that – nothing!

A poll from Duolingo revealed that the average adult wastes 26 days per year “doing nothing.” That’s 12 hours a week and more than 624 hours a year! Here’s what they spend those moments doing:

  • waiting on hold while on the phone (more than 50%)
  • standing in lines (45%)
  • sitting in traffic (44%)
  • browsing social media (21%)
  • waiting for laundry to finish
  • waiting for service in a restaurant
  • waiting for a delivery to arrive

The study also reveals that there are about three times a day when the average adult finds themselves with nothing to do. However, downtime is just that. Close to half of the respondents aren’t interested in being any more productive during these moments. Instead, 38% of people say they use their “doing nothing” time to watch TV or browse the Internet.

Source:Martha Stewart

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