Healthy Morning Habits Doctors Want Us To Try

Want to start off 2022 by leading a healthy lifestyle? You may want to start with updating your morning routine. Dr. Alex Robles, a personal trainer and health and fitness expert, explains, “While you may not be able to change your mindset overnight, creating a simple morning routine full of healthy habits can get you closer to improving your outlook on life.”

So what tweaks should you make? This is what doctors recommend to start the day in a way that promotes positivity and wellness:

  • Write down something you’re grateful for- Practicing gratitude can boost your mood and enhance positive feelings, according to Robles. He explains that a study that had people list what they’re grateful for, they had improved happiness and life satisfaction after 14 days.
  • Drink water- Get that hydration going first thing to increase overall water intake for the day.
  • Meditate- Board-certified OB/GYN Dr. Renita White starts her day with a quick 10-minute meditation to set the tone for positivity and less stress. She points out that research shows meditation brings benefits including decreased anxiety and depression and a decrease in blood pressure.
  • Make your bed- It’s one of the first things psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo does every morning and she says folks who do it are “happier and more productive than people who don’t” make their beds.
  • Get some natural light- Let that sun shine through your windows because Dr. Michael Genovese says sunlight can improve moods.
  • Do some exercise- Even if it’s not a full workout, Dr. Sylvia Gonsahn-Bollie recommends getting yourself moving in the morning for a natural mood enhancer.
  • Stretch- A quick 10-minute stretching routine can help keep your muscles from getting too tight and ease tension, so Dr. Nicole Leigh Aaronson advises starting the day this way.
  • Do something you enjoy- There’s a lot we can’t control in life, but we can have control over what we put into our minds. Psychologist Amy Robbins likes to listen to a podcast or an audio book that helps her learn, grow and feel good about herself in the morning and suggests we also do something we like first thing in the morning.

Source:New York Post

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