Baby Naming Trends For 2022

While some baby names tend to remain popular year after year, parents are always trying to change things up when it comes to naming their tots, and this year will be no different. So, what should we expect to see this year when it comes to baby names?

Well, The Bump recently came out with their baby name trend report, revealing names that are rising in popularity, and the themes that go along with them.

Trends and names to look out for in 2022 include:

  • Unisex names– With the concept of gender expanding and evolving, parents are embracing names that are good for both boys and girls. Such names rising in popularity include Kai, Luca, Quinn, River, Remi, Rowan and more.
  • Nature-inspired names– Being stuck inside due to the pandemic has sparked parents’ interest in nature, with names like Wren, Ivy, Sienna, Willow, Hazel and more.
  • Vintage names– Popular names from the 1950s are seeing a resurgence, including Nancy, Sharon, Pamela, Wayne, Martin and others.
  • Strong and confident names– Possibly hoping it will result in a self-assured child, parents are embracing names with empowering or noble meanings like Aria, Alice, Nora, Emmitt, Rami, Valencia, Xavier and more.
  • Uplifting names– With more people yearning for joy and positivity after the past couple of years, parents are turning to cheerful names like Chloe, Claire, Finnley, Alvin, Elsie, Felix, Winnifred and others.
  • Interstellar names– Parents are also looking to the space and sky for inspiration, prompting a rise in celestial names like Aurora, Leo, Orion, Sky, Luna, Soleil and more. 

Source:Huffington Post

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