The Thing Most People Base Their First Impressions On

First impressions are very important, but you may be surprised at what people are judging you on the first time they meet you. 

A new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf ofSpark Aligners finds:

  • 76% of folks say they base their first impressions on someone from their smile, followed by:
    • Eyes (69%)
    • Their voice (60%)
    • Their clothes (56%)
    • Their haircut (51%)
    • Their posture (50%)
    • Their handshake (40%)
    • Their social media presence (27%)
  • And when it comes to online dating, smiles are also pretty important.
  • In fact, 32% of people say a person’s smile is the thing they notice most about a person’s profile picture.
  • That’s double the amount of people who say they would notice a person’s body type (15%).
  • Unfortunately, when it comes to their smiles about 60% of people hate the way their smile looks in photos.
  • This could be why 76% of people say they don’t always smile in photos.

But smiles and appearances aren’t the only thing that people use to form opinions of folks online.

  • 52% of people do admit to judging people online by how they look in photos or videos.
  • But another 49% of people judge folks on their spelling and grammar.
  • And 48% of people say they form opinions on someone based on the types of content they post and share. 

Source:SWNS Digital

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