Study: Face Masks Make People More Attractive

Before you assume that a face mask is killing the vibe of your outfit, consider this newstudy from the University of Cardiff. Researchers claim that along with stopping the spread of COVID-19 and other germs, a face mask may also make you appear more attractive.

  • During the study, 43 women judged a man’s face without a mask, while wearing a cloth mask, while wearing a blue medical face mask, and while holding a plain black book covering the area a face mask would conceal.
  • The women ranked attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10. The results revealed that faces were considered most attractive when covered by medical face masks.

“The results run counter to the pre-pandemic research where it was thought masks made people think about disease and the person should be avoided,” Dr. Lewis notes. “The current research shows the pandemic has changed our psychology in how we perceive the wearers of masks. When we see someone wearing a mask we no longer think ‘that person has a disease, I need to stay away.”

Oh, the study also suggested that it’s possible that a face mask may have hidden any “undesirable features.” Alrighty then!

Source:Study Finds

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