More Than Half of Us Struggle to Cook The Simplest Dishes

While there are a lot of people who take pride in being able to cook a good meal for themselves, there are plenty of people out there who are simply useless in the kitchen, and a new report reveals just how bad it is for some.

A new survey finds:

  • 56% of Americans admit they struggle to make even the simplest dishes at home.
  • 83% of those who mess up simple dishes say it makes them feel like a failure.
  • The easy dish that seems to be difficult for folks to make is pancakes, with 38% saying it’s the hardest “easy” dish to make.
  • Other easy dishes that folks find hard to make include:
    • Eggs (36%)
    • Pasta (35%)
    • Mac and cheese (33%)
    • Soup (31%)
    • Sweet potatoes (30%)
    • Mashed potatoes (30%)
    • Rice (27%)
    • Grilled chicken (21%)
    • Fish (19%)
  • The average person says they’ll attempt to make a dish four times before either getting it right, or giving up.
  • Half of respondents have messed up an easy dish so often they don’t think they’ll ever be able to get it right.
  • So, what are some of the biggest “sins” folks say you shouldn’t commit in a kitchen? They include:
    • Burning a dish (28%)
    • Undercooking a dish (17%)
    • Using the wrong ingredients (16%)
    • Overcooking (14%).
    • Over seasoning (7%)

Source:Study Finds

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