Unspoken Rules That Annoy Almost Everybody...You Should Know Them

There are certain unspoken rules in life that most people should know and live by, but we know all too well that most people don’t, and that’s particularly bothersome to a lot of folks.

So, what are these rules? Well, folks are sharing the ones they think are important thanks to a Reddit post that asked “What's an unspoken rule that annoys you when people don't know about it?" Responses include:

  • "Let people know when you have them on speakerphone! Especially when your husband/wife/partner/friend/any other human is within earshot."
  • "Standing in doorways. Go in or out, but get out of the way."
  • "You don't need to attach yourself to the person in front of you when standing in line."
  • "Standing in the middle of the supermarket aisle blocking the entire aisle with your cart while you stare at the shelf is not OK."
  • "When someone hands you their phone to use, don't (bleeping) go through it. It's rude."
  • "If someone pays for something for you, you really shouldn't make them ask you to pay them back. Ideally not even once, but especially not two or three times."
  • "Turn signals. They're meant to be a warning, not an afterthought."
  • "Stairs are for ascending and descending. Move out of the way when you are done using them. Standing in front of them and looking around like a lost tourist is not one of their functions."
  • "Wait for others to exit an elevator or train before entering."
  • "Don’t play music out loud from your mobile phones on public transportation. I get that you’re going to have a boring ride, but don’t ruin everyone else’s."
  • "Don’t ask people to do their job for free, even if you’re friends or family."


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