Things That Make Guys Instantly Unattractive

No matter how good looking a man is, if they aren’t a good person few gals will be attracted to them. There’s just some behavior women can’t get past regardless of looks and now women are sharing. 

Someone on Reddit recently posed the question “Girls, what makes a guy instantly unattractive?,” and the responses were on point. 

They include:

  • “Talking about his ex girlfriend all the time...”
  • “Uncontrolled anger issues.”
  • “Being condescending…. Instant no.”
  • “When he doesn’t take “no” for an answer.”
  • “Being rude to others for no valid reason.”
  • “Constantly interrupting and one upping. I hate when they won’t allow anybody to have a moment of their own.”
  • “Trying to be cool in front of his friends to impress.”
  • “Being obsessed with being ‘a man.’ My dad was the manliest dude I knew and he baked cookies and carried a bag he called his purse because he gave no f**ks.”
  • “TOO charming, if that makes sense? I just can't trust someone who's too outgoing and suave.”
  • “Being contradictory just for the sake of it.”
  • “When he is married and hits on you 😕”
  • “Smelling bad. You don’t have to put on expensive cologne, just make sure you shower and that your clothes are fresh and clean.”
  • “An overly dependent man. Learn to take care of yourself before getting into relationship. a woman shouldn’t have to tell you when to clean up, set alarms for you, do your laundry or anything else. I’ve meet way too men whose parents didn’t teach them how to be independent and stand on their own two feet."

Source:Ask Reddit

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