Woman Catches Snooping MIL With Glitter Trap

Dealing with in-laws can be a nightmare for some people, especially if your partner’s family doesn’t respect your boundaries. A woman finds herself in this position after catching her mother-in-law sneaking into her bedroom and going through her stuff. She watched as her husband’s mom was rifling through bills on their dresser and when confronted, the MIL denied it, even though she was caught in the act.

Mother-in-law’s excuse? She claims she couldn’t find a bathroom, even though she walked past two to get to her son and daughter-in-law’s bedroom. The couple told her repeatedly not to go in their bedroom, put up a baby gate at the top of the stairs and even tried telling her not to go upstairs at all, but she got caught snooping again, using the bathroom excuse again. So when the in-laws came for a holiday visit, the woman came up with a plan to catch MIL for snooping … by setting a “glitter trap.”

She dusted the doorknob to her bedroom with super fine glitter to see if her mother-in-law tried to open it and set up a folder filled with glitter over the door. And as soon as the MIL tried to sneak in to snoop, she was busted. And she wasn’t too happy about being caught in the glitter trap. After her hair and hands were covered in glitter, MIL lost it and started screaming at her daughter-in-law, who proceeded to yell back. Now her husband is saying she went too far, so she has turned to the Internet’s moral compass, Reddit’s “Am I the a-hole” section to ask if she was wrong here and most users agree she’s not.

  • “Absolutely not - that is HYSTERICAL!!!!! You are my hero,” comments one Redditor.
  • “I had a good laugh at this,” writes another. “I feel like you did a good job leading up to this and were incredibly patient with a boundary stomping MIL.”
  • “Not the a-hole,” shares another. “Why is your husband okay with his mother walking all over your boundaries?”


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