Most of Us Say 2021 Was “Awful” But Are “Hopeful” About 2022

We have all finally said goodbye to 2021 but it’s pretty apparent it was more like good riddance for a lot of people. But no matter how bad the last year was for folks, many still seem to be optimistic about what’s to come.

  • A new "USA Today" poll asked folks to describe the past year in one word, and, not surprising, few people had positive things to say.
  • The most common response were words like “Awful/terrible/bad/sucked,” a choice for 23% of respondents followed by:
    • Chaos/confusing/turmoil (12%)
    • Challenging/hard/rough (11%)
    • Disaster/train wreck/catastrophe (6%)
    • Long (1%)
  • As for positive descriptions
    • 14% used the word “exciting.”
    • While 6% described it as okay/good.

But when it comes to 2022, it seems a good amount of people are optimistic.

  • 46% of respondents describe the coming year as “Hopeful,” while 8% use the word “enthusiastic."
  • Off course there were still plenty of downers. Other top words used to describe 2022 include:
    • Worried (19%)
    • Exhausted (18%)
    • Fearful (7%)

Source:USA Today

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