How Much To Tip In Almost Every Situation

There are no set rules for how much you should tip which makes it difficult sometimes. Since the pandemic, it’s become even more complicated as the expectations have changed. Today, there are more types of service workers that you should be tipping. Many people are also giving far more generous tips.

Here’s a tipping guide recommended by etiquette experts for who to tip and how much:

  • Restaurant takeout: 10-15% of the total check
  • In-person dining: 15-20% of the total check
  • Food delivery 10-15% (consider more if you live far, the weather was bad, or the order was big)
  • Bartenders: $2 per drink or 10-15% of the bill
  • Baristas: $1 per drink or more for a complicated order
  • Amazon delivery drivers: *allowed to accept tips but it isn’t expected* $5 to $20 in cash in an envelope if the delivery is extra large
  • Hairstylists and barbers: 15-20%, plus $5 to $10 for the assistant
  • Nail techs: 10-20%
  • Massage therapists: 15-20% or $20
  • Lyft/Ubers: a minimum of 15-20%

When to skip the tip

USPS drivers and government workers actually aren’t allowed to accept tips no matter how great their services are. You should also avoid tipping teachers, health care providers, or professionals like lawyers and accountants.

Source:Reader's Digest

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