Why You Always Eat The Same Breakfast, Explained

Us humans appreciate routine – especially when it comes to breakfast. According to a new study from Boston University, 68% of people eat the same breakfast at least twice in one week while only 9% of participants repeated dinner.

This data begs the question: why do we stick to the same breakfast most days?

●Part of it has to do with our biology. Since we are most energized in the morning, we might actually “prefer less stimulating foods.” Our bodies just might like keeping it simple while our taste buds are also just waking up.

●Our culture. In Western civilization, we get up and go in the mornings which leaves little time to prepare a full three-course breakfast. Instead, if we can find something that’s efficient and satisfying, we’re more likely to stick with it and repeat it.

●Our psychological wiring. People tend to start the day focused on eating healthy, efficiently, and with weight control in mind. It’s more likely to stay consistent at the start. As the day goes on though, we get tired or lazy or we’re just looking for something more pleasurable…so switch it up.

There’s nothing wrong with eating the same meal everyday but if you want more variety, “make a habit out of consuming a different meal that is just as efficient as the one you're currently eating.”


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