People Share The Biggest Gift Giving Fails They’ve Experienced

Buying the right Christmas present for someone is rarely easy, but most people try to do their best and get their loved ones something they like. But that’s just not the case for everyone, based on some startling revelations.

A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks sharing the biggest gift-giving fails they’ve ever experienced, and some of these gifts are truly terrible. Gift-giving fails include:

  • “Went to a family Christmas when I was six and my grandparents had gifts for all the kids except me.”
  • “My husband gave me a bullet vibe. Let me open it in front of the kids.”
  • “My parents mixed up mine and my little sister’s presents. My parents let her keep my laptop and I got a Barbie.”
  • “My brother’s ex-girlfriend gave him a positive pregnancy test, plus a note that said ‘sorry babe I cheated.’ My mom opened it.”
  • “When I was 12 my grandmother gave me a toilet brush for Christmas.”
  • “My boyfriend of 4.5 years asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I said ‘your last name.’ Things got awkward AF.”
  • “I got a pair of my own pants. Meaning my younger brother went into my room, grabbed a pair of pants then wrapped them up and gave them to me.”
  • “I got a box of straws collected from fast food places from my grandma. Wish there was a story behind it. My grandma is just crazy.”
  • “My husband bought me an exercise bike for Christmas. I was too embarrassed to tell him it hurt my feelings.”
  • “Just realized my grandma gave me a used journal for Christmas. There’s a bunch of scribbles inside.” 


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