Lots Of Workers Planning A New Job Search Next Year

We keep hearing about the Great Resignation, and it sounds like that’s not about to end anytime soon. 

A new Robert Half survey finds:

  • 41% of workers plan to look for a new job in the next six months.
  • That includes 52% of those 18-24, and 47% of folks 25 to 40.
  • The top reasons people are planning a job search include:
    • To secure a salary boost (54%)
    • Better benefits and perks (38%)
    • The ability to work remotely permanently (34%)
  • And it’s pretty apparent that some folks are really unhappy, with 28% of those planning to look for a new job saying they would quit without having a new gig lined up.
  • 41% are not happy with their current gig because they don’t see a clear path for advancement at their job.
  • 34% say they feel like performance discussions with their manager don’t do much to help them reach their professional goals. 
  • But many are confident going into their job search with 87% confident about their current skill set.

Source:Robert Half

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