Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Get Your Kids Too Many Gifts This Holiday Season

The past two years haven’t been easy on kids, and many parents may try to make up for it by buying a lot of presents for their children this Christmas. Well, one child expert says buying too many gifts isn’t a good idea, and says there’s a good reason why.

Australian parenting author and educator Maggie Dent says that while parents feel a “huge pressure” to get their kids toys and gadgets they think will “stimulate” their kids and “help with their development” too many toys may do the opposite. 

“Actually too many toys can limit a child's creativity and lead to an addiction to ‘stuff,’ which children can tend to get bored with easily,” she shares. “Children, particularly little ones, don’t need a lot of bells and whistles and they certainly don’t need a lot of stuff.” She adds, “They are naturally curious and will probably learn more and get more enjoyment from the box a toy comes in than the toy itself.”

Maggie warns parents not to “overdo” things when it comes to presents, noting they should instead spend their money on the experiences they have with their child. She adds, “It's better to give one, well-intentioned gift that really meets a special interest for your child.”

  • ONE MORE THING! And it sure sounds like Maggie’s on to something because a new report reveals kids rarely play with all the toys they have.According to a surveyby Premium Toy, 80% of children play with 20 or fewer of all the toys they have at home. And 44% play with just five to 10 toys. 

Source:The Sun

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