Women Share Sarcastic “Mom Of The Year” Moments

All parents have days when they feel like they’re totally nailing the whole kid-raising thing and days when they feel like a parenting failure. A Redditor recently asked women in the “Mommit” section to share their “Mom of the Year” moments, with two caveats: it had to be from that day and it had to be sarcastic. They kicked things off by sharing their own winning moment: “Letting my two-year-old watch ‘Venom 1 and 2.’”

Hundreds of users chimed in and these are some of their funniest “Mom of the Year” responses:

  • “My husband was taking the children from the backyard to the front yard (through the house.) I ducked down so they couldn’t see me as they passed by”
  • “I tossed Cheerios on the floor for my 10-month-old while I sat on the couch so I could have two minutes of her not climbing all over me. I felt like an old lady feeding ducks.”
  • “Let my two-year-old eat as much cookie dough as he liked while I baked so that he wouldn’t cry every two minutes and would stop with the constant yelling.”
  • “I let mine shred wrapping paper for 5 minutes … 100% worth the mess.”
  • “Not gonna lie, I’m kinda killing this motherhood thing. The latest cap in my feather is my youngest’s ability to independently feed themselves. Not only that, their diet is filled with a multitude of colours and textures. Today’s menu consisted of a medley of dried and fresh leaves on a bed of slightly damp sand.”
  • “Got some beans on my newborn’s head while I was eating and just licked it off her forehead lol”
  • “Let my 10 month old twins absolutely tear into a package of diapers while I sat in the glider for 5 minutes. Soggy diapers will dry, right?”
  • “Locked the bathroom door to get some privacy and just knocked back when she knocked on it.”
  • “Well, I ain’t proud of this but since we’re here, I told my four- year-old, ‘My name isn’t mommy, it’s PEACHES!’ I couldn’t take “mom” or “mommy” anymore. So yeah, if any of you need me I’ll be over here writing a parenting guide book.”


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