Weirdest TikTok Beauty Trends Of 2021

When you want to find the latest recipe everyone’s making or the newest dance to learn, TikTok’s the place. It’s full of all kinds of hacks and trends, especially when it comes to skincare and beauty tips. People are paying so much attention to the recommendations from the app’s users, their influence can even reignite interest in products that were released years ago. And while many of the cosmetics, tools and practices are helpful, some of them are downright bizarre.

These are some of the strangest beauty trends to take off on TikTok in 2021:

  • Nose blush- While many of us spent the year with our noses covered by face masks, some TikTokers were putting pink blush onto the base of their noses. Surprising as it sounds, nose blush was pretty popular on the site and the hashtag has more than 850-thousand views.
  • “Squid Game” makeup- Netflix’s big hit drama may seem like an unlikely source of beauty inspiration, but some social media users created makeup looks based on the show’s fictional characters’ eye bags and sweaty glow.
  • Lube as primer- TikTok user Lukáš Kohutek introduced this beauty hack when he used Durex lube as a makeup primer. Fans of the product say it creates a “smooth, fine texture” on your skin.
  • Snail facials- Snail mucin, the slimy stuff snails secrete, has been a popular ingredient in Korean beauty products because it’s good for glowy skin and this year, TikTok seemed to catch on. Some TikTokers even started putting snails directly on their faces and letting them scoot across before massaging in the trail of slime they leave behind.
  • Rice water hair hacks- Most of us dump the water we cook rice in, but some TikTokers started using the liquid on their hair instead. The beauty practice has been around in Japan since ancient times, but in 2021, social media influencers made it trendy after saying that washing their hair with rice water makes it grow faster.


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