Cancel Plans Without Making It Awkward

COVID restrictions limited social gatherings and big holiday parties last year. But this year? It’s full force ahead! Whether you’re simply overwhelmed and lost interest in attending or something far more important came up, you may be tempted to cancel on social plans you already agreed to.

Experts advise against getting into the habit of canceling on people last minute. First, ask yourself a few questions before doing so:

  • Will your absence jeopardize the event in a big way?
  • Was the host counting on you to bring something or do something at the event?
  • Were you the one who was going to drive?

No matter what the situation is, here are some expert-approved tips fromWell + Goodon how to get out of plans at the last minute:

  • Make a phone call- Texts are too insincere. Plus this gives the person the chance to hear the regret in your tone.
  • Apologize up front- This shows that you respect their time. It’s especially important if your cancellation is changing all of their plans.
  • If you have no real excuse, don’t make one up- Try to avoid telling a straight-up lie. Instead, keep it vague.
  • Offer to reschedule- Doing so lets the person know you aren’t giving up on them personally and you still value your relationship with them.
  • Avoid posting publicly on social media- It’s best to lay low and not get caught blowing anyone off.
  • Don’t cancel the next time- At this point, you're sort of in a debt and if they’re a good friend, you owe it to them to make it up. Otherwise, you’ll begin to jeopardize your reliability.

Source:Well + Good

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