People Share Worst Red Flags They’ve Seen On First Dates

We’ve all managed to avoid a series of red flags flying in our face while looking for love, but sometimes, a warning sign is just too huge to ignore and sends you running for the door. Unfortunately, this often happens after we’ve invested time and feelings into someone, because people are good at hiding their crazy. But every once in a while, people reveal them right out the gate.

A Reddit user recently asked “What’s the biggest red flag you’ve seen on a first date?” And people are ready to share those blaring warning signs they’ve been faced with early on. These are some of the best of the 16-thousand comments:

  • “When she mentioned that she was not single, but did, in fact, have a husband, but said it’s okay because he’s been in jail for five years and will not be released for at least six months.”
  • “We were playing mini golf and he was losing so he screamed, all red faced, and hit the ground multiple times with his golf club. He asked me out a second time and I said no. He claims he didn't know what he did wrong.”
  • “He showed up to my house three hours later and stood outside my door for an hour and a half, trying to coerce my roommate to let him in, saying he had forgotten something inside. She didn't as I was asleep and she thought it was dodgy. I never told him where I lived.”
  • “Made fun of me for putting on my seat belt... Proceeded to do donuts in the mall parking lot.”
  • “When his wife had some very ugly things to say right before our date. He told me they were separated and in the process of a divorce. They were very much still together.”
  • “It was the coldest day of winter, and the guy wanted me to take off my coat so he could make sure I wasn't fat.”
  • “Canceling the date to go out on a date with someone else.... To the same location.”
  • “Went out with a guy I met on Match on a Saturday night. I knew he was a widower and during the date I asked him when his wife had passed. He said Monday.”
  • “Staring at my chest and saying ‘I can’t believe they’re all mine’ BYE!”
  • “Her car was full of garbage up to the windows.”
  • “She stole the tip jar.”
  • “He tried to correct me on the pronunciation of my own last name”


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