We Spend Over $200 On Holiday Décor Each Year

Christmas is next week and there’s no doubt most folks like to decorate their homes for the festive holiday, with most spending lots of money to get into the holiday spirit. A new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf ofCanvaspop finds:

  • The average American will spend $213 a year to decorate their home for the holidays.
  • The bulk of the holiday décor budget goes towards a Christmas tree (35%), followed by:
    • Electric lights (23%)
    • Ornaments (21%)
  • When it comes to decorating the tree, 52% of folks prefer a free-for-all style, hanging ornaments wherever they want or wherever there’s room.
  • Although 46% of those with children are more mindful about where they place ornaments, with each ornament having a specific place.
  • When it comes to actual ornaments, 70% of folks have a special holiday ornament they would be devasted to lose.
  • But that doesn’t stop them from displaying it, with 45% saying they prefer to hang it on their tree, rather than leave it in storage (13%).

As for the end of the holiday season…

  • 54% of Americans say they don’t want to be the first ones on their block to pack up their holiday decorations.
  • But you won’t want to wait too long because nearly half of those polled say they judge their neighbors for keeping up decorations too long.
  • As for when they should be taken down, three quarters believe all holiday décor should be packed away before the end of January. 

Source:SWNS Digital

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