Most Americans Are Writing Off Their Healthy Eating Habits For The Holidays

It’s hard to believe 2021 is almost over, and it’s pretty apparent that most people have given up when it comes to staying healthy this year. It’s pretty hard to not give in to all the yummy, fattening foods during the holiday season, and it sounds like a lot of folks aren’t even going to try. 

Herbalife Nutrition’s fourth annual “Writing Off The Holidays” survey finds:

  • 64% of Americans say they are putting off their goals to be healthy until 2022.
  • That number’s an increase of 9% over 2020, and 23% over 2019.
  • Of those who are giving up their healthy habits for the holidays, 64% expect to gain as much as eight pounds over the holidays.
  • 39% say that in previous years they overindulged so much they felt "unwell and full to the point of bursting and even wore stretchy clothes to accommodate overeating.”
  • Many will make New Year’s resolutions to stay healthy, with 64% of those polled saying they plan to adopt a "new year, new me" attitude.
  • But many doubt they will actually do it, with 32% of those who make such New Year’s resolutions not expecting to stick with them.
  •  As for those who do plan to get healthy in the New Year, the top way they plan to do so is by exercising (27%), followed by
    • Eating healthier (25%)
    • Focusing on self-care (22%)
    • Lose weight (20%)
    • Start a new diet/program (17%) 


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