Relationship Expert Reveals Secrets To Dating Success

If you’ve been dating long enough, you’re bound to have a bad first date. They can be awful, but they’re a necessary evil to actually get to know someone you might like spending time with. Aside from your date chewing with their mouth open or talking nonstop about their ex, one of the worst parts of a first date can be the jitters you feel, but one relationship expert is sharing her tips to help overcome those nerves.

Irish dating coach Francis Kelleher explains how to appear confident on your first date so you can make a good first impression:

  • First up: Try not to focus too much on yourself- Turn your attention to your date instead. Concentrate on listening to the other person and getting to know them rather than stressing over everything you say or do.
  • Give power poses a try- While you’re trying to build up your confidence before a date, Francis suggests you do some power poses, including the “superman pose,” which is also called the “wonder woman pose.” You do it by standing with your legs slightly apart and your hands on your waist and believe it or not, it’s supposed to boost your confidence. “You have to change your physiology to change your psychology,” she explains.
  • Pay attention to body language -This is something you probably used to hear from your grandmother, but Francis still uses the advice to “always stand up straight.” She says it’s very important to walk into the restaurant or venue standing up straight and to sit up straight when at the table.
  • And finally, keep making eye contact- To make an emotional connection with your date, this dating coach recommends maintaining eye contact. It may be nerve-wracking, especially when you’re nervous, but she’s the expert. “Through eye contact, you build attraction,” Francis explains. “So eye contact is huge.”

Source:The Sun

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