The Minimum Amount Of Time To Stay At A Job Is...

It’s always been said that you should stay at a job for at least one year before quitting. Otherwise, it might look bad on your resume, right? Like you have no professional commitment or for whatever reason, you aren’t able to hold down a job. Experts say that type of thinking in the modern world could be going out of fashion.

For our boomer parents, it was normal to spend an entire career at one organization. Younger generations have a much different perspective and actually expect to switch jobs multiple times throughout their career. After all, why settle when there are opportunities to move up out there with better salaries and new skills to learn!

  • Turns out, there are benefits of staying at a company for at least 12 months. On the practical side of things, it typically takes a year to get an accurate feel for a position. Alison Sullivan, senior manager of corporate communications at jobs site Glassdoor says, “a year gives people time to make an impact at a company, learn new skills and show how they’ve grown.”
  • But what if you know right away that you need out? Fortunately, there’s less stigma in the world today around “job-hopping.” There are plenty of reasons for why you may want to leave your job within a few months. If you do, just make sure you’re able to explain those reasons to any future employers who may question it.


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