How Much Money Are You Wasting On Bad Dates?

Going on a bad date can feel like a major waste of your time, especially if you’re serious about finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. Even worse though, they can also be a huge waste of money.

Research from Lending Tree revealed the average cost of a first date is $77. We also know that the majority of singles havesix failed romantic connectionsthat never make it past the first date per year.

  • Do the math, that means daters are spending $462 every year to go on bad dates! And these are just the first dates we were talking about here.
  • Once you meet someone you actually like and start going on more dates exclusively, the spending doesn’t stop. Americans can spend up to nearly $700 on dates annually.
  • Women do spend less than men. Annually a woman will spend a little under $500 while a man spends $860! On a first date, men average dropping $92 and women average only $61.

Try being more upfront before going out with someone could help save you some money in the long run. You could also opt for a more laid-back and casual date the first time around that doesn’t involve endless cocktails. Save those for someone special.

Source:Lending Tree

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