Best Openers To Use On Dating Apps

Looking for love - or even just someone to have fun with - on a dating app? Knowing how to start a conversation is key. Openers that make you laugh or blush in a good way are much more inviting than the standard, “Hey! How are you?” Sure, it’s friendly enough, but it doesn’t really evoke a response. To get to that first date, you need an opening line that helps spark a connection.

Relationship experts suggest these pointers for creating the best dating app openers:

  • Comment on their profile- Find clues in their photos, if it shows a dog, ask about the dog. If their profile mentions they ski, ask about their favorite mountain range for skiing.
  • Don’t copy and paste the same dating app opener- Once you come up with the greatest dating app opener of all time, you may be tempted to use it with every single match you get, but it’s a bad idea. Anything generic can be a turn off and savvy users will figure it out pretty quick.
  • Don’t overthink it -Sex and relationship expert Ruby Payne says, “I think we put far too much into that opening line.” She suggests using a joke, no matter how cheesy it may seem, is a great opener and says it’s almost guaranteed to get a response.

Need some inspiration for getting the conversation started on a dating app? These are some of the best openers, according to Payne and other relationship experts:

When you’re at a loss for words, a random GIF can help break the ice.

  • “Pineapple on pizza? Yay or nay?”
  • “Why did you swipe right on me?”
  • “I was really hoping you'd swipe right on me [insert cute emoji here].”
  • “Which three emojis best describe you?”
  • “I make an amazing lasagna. What's your brag-worthy signature dish?”
  • “Let's not waste a lot of time messaging. Are you free Friday for drinks?”
  • “Should toilet paper be over the top or under the roll?”
  • “If you could only have one condiment forever, what would it be?”
  • “If they were to make a movie about your life, who would play you?”
  • “What's the worst dating app opener you've ever received?”


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