Here’s Why So Many Couples Break Up Before Christmas

‘Tis the season for mushy Hallmark movies, festive cocktails, Mariah serenading holiday shoppers in a hurry … and breakups. It turns out the stress of the holidays can unravel relationships before the first present is unwrapped. But why does this time of year result in so many couples splitting up?

Relationship expert Simone Milasas says it’s common for people to reflect on their lives as the end of the year approaches. And that leads to people asking themselves tough questions, like “Is this someone I want at my family’s holiday gathering?” or “Is this someone I want to be kissing at midnight on New Year’s Eve?” She explains that’s not a bad thing, but it can be the catalyst for a holiday breakup. If December is “Dump Month,” then D-Day is December 11th, asstatisticsshow that’s the day most couples break up.

Want to avoid being one of them? These are Milasas’ top three tips to holiday proof your relationship:

  • Let it go- If something isn’t working in your romance, you may hate it, but let it go. The relationship expert cautions that you only get one life, so be honest about your goals and how or IF your partner fits into them.
  • Focus on intimacy- Milasas explains that all good relationships should include the five elements of intimacy: gratitude, trust, allowance, vulnerability and honor. Practice those with your partner and you’re on your way to relationship success.
  • Don’t forget about yourself- Make yourself a priority, regardless of your relationship status. When it’s all said and done, you’ll still have a relationship with yourself, so make it a good one.


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