Haunting May Be A Worse Dating Trend Than Ghosting

Modern dating has nuanced a variety of phrases. You’ve surely heard of ghosting, but have you heard of haunting? They’re basically the opposite of each other.

Urban Dictionarydescribes ghosting as “when a person cuts off all communication with their friends or the person they're dating, with zero warning or notice beforehand.” Haunting is when a former love interest from your past hasn’t moved on or isn’t getting the hint that it’s over so they continue to reach out and attempt to contact you.

Haunting is a little less common than ghosting but neither is desired out of a relationship. Ghosting may leave you feeling rejected but haunting will have you straight up annoyed! Haunting can come out of real-world dating and online dating as well. One dater explains to Fashion Journal, “I think people can get carried away and invest too much emotional labor into someone they haven’t met yet, which means they can get a bit relentless with the follow-up.”

The bottom line? Keep your boundaries up and remember that you’re technically dealing with strangers here if you’ve only been on a couple dates. If you feel like someone is starting to “haunt” you, don’t be afraid to hit that block button.

Source:Fashion Journal

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