What People Find Most Stressful During Holidays

Trying to find a parking spot at a busy mall in December or running to catch a flight may send your anxiety into overdrive, but those aren’t the most stressful things people deal with during the holidays, according to a new survey. Based on the responses from 2-thousand adults, the part of the holidays that stresses them out the most is actually cooking for people with different diets.

Food tech company Eat Just, Inc commissioned the survey conducted by OnePoll, which asked a thousand millennials and a thousand baby boomers about the things that cause them the most stress during the holiday season. And nearly half of all respondents (46%) say “cooking for those with picky palettes or diets” as their biggest stressor this time of year. This beats out other common things that stress us out during the holidays, like traveling and finding the perfect present.

The top things people are stressed about during the holidays include:

  • Cooking for those with picky palettes or diets - 46%
  • Avoiding political talk - 43%
  • Trying to eat healthy - 42%
  • Traveling - 35%
  • Getting the right gift - 32%

The poll also reveals that both generations are planning to make plant-based versions of traditional holiday dishes this year to change things up, but just 24% of baby boomers compared to 67% of millennials. And that’s not the only way people’s holiday food traditions are changing. Respondents say they’ll also be:

  • Eating smaller portions - 43%
  • Eating healthier - 42%
  • Purchasing sustainably-sourced food - 35%
  • Eating more plant-based - 32%
  • Cooking healthier - 30%

Source:SWNS Digital

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