Annoying “Boomer Trends” People Wish Would Go Away

What does the older generation do that drives you crazy? BuzzFeed asked readers about which Boomer trends and mentalities they wish would go away. And people were happy to chime in with the behaviors they’d like to never encounter again.

The complaints include:

  • “The ‘customer is ALWAYS right’ excuse and not allowing employees to adequately defend themselves,” explains one. “The service you get is a privilege, not a right, and you better believe you can be denied service.”
  • “Being completely ignorant when it comes to technology,” another shares. “My father refuses to even get Wi-Fi and any kind of computer at home because ‘that’s how they get you.’”
  • “I do wish that people of older generations would stop just randomly showing up to visit without checking to see if it’s okay first,” writes one. “It may not specifically be a ‘Boomer’ thing, but I don’t know anyone under the age of 40 who does this.”
  • “The ‘workhorse’ mentality they want in employees,” explains another. “My sanity is worth more to me than my work. Quit asking your employees to give all of their energy to their jobs.”
  • “Calling instead of texting (except in the case of an emergency),” offers one reader.
  • “Whining about how Millennials and Gen Z are all entitled brats because we got participation trophies,” another shares. “Yeah, we got them, but you were the ones down at the trophy shop buying them for us.”
  • “Obsessive yard work,” one writes. “Mowing the lawn and picking up every blade of grass is not a personality trait."
  • And a Boomer joined the rant! “I’m a boomer and we must stop throwing our old-school views on how to be successful and achieve goals,” they write. “Those do not even remotely apply to younger generations. Your advice is neither useful or helpful. Just stop.”


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