Your Kids Probably Figured Out Where You Hide Their Gifts

Hate to break it to you parents, but a new survey reveals that your kids probably know where you hide their presents. After all those Black Friday deals you’ve taken advantage of, you need somewhere to stash the gifts until you can get them all wrapped and it turns out, we all tend to use the same present-hiding spots.

The survey, conducted by storage company Neighbor, finds that the most popular place to hide gifts is the bedroom closet, with 53% of people saying that’s their go-to location. Top places to hide presents include:

  1. Bedroom closet 53%
  2. Spare room 31.5%
  3. Coat closet 26%
  4. Under the bed 26%
  5. Trunk of the car 25%

And while you may think your chosen location is a good one, chances are your hiding spot isn’t a well-kept secret. In fact, the most popular hiding places are also the first places most people look for hidden presents. When asked where they go to look for hidden presents first, respondents said:

  • Bedroom closet 25%
  • Under the bed 22%
  • Trunk of the car 15%
  • Coat closet 9%
  • Spare room 6%

If you want to find a better hiding spot for your holiday gifts try:

  • The attic, where only 2% of those polled have had a hidden gift get discovered
  • The basement, also where only 2% have had their hidden presents get found
  • The garage, where just 3% have had their their hiding spot sniffed out

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