Things Most Women Are Secretly Embarrassed to Admit

There are some topics that are way too taboo to ever discuss with the girls at brunch, such as – skipping showers, the pleasure of gossip, and bodily functions. Weallhave habits that are embarrassing but are also super common among most women. Like what? Well, people – especially ladies – may not want to admit it publicly, but anonymously? Game on.

The Top 10 Things Women Anonymously Admit They Do

  1. Cyber-stalk
  2. Not washing their hair every day
  3. Not washing their bras often enough
  4. Looking in the mirror and feeling fat
  5. Passing gas
  6. Flirting to get what they want
  7. Picking their noses
  8. Hiding and eating snacks
  9. Biting and picking their nails
  10. Smelling their partner’s clothes

Source:The List

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