Who’s Really Cooking the Thanksgiving Meal?

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and a lot of folks have probably already started preparing their big feast. But who exactly is in the kitchen cooking everyone’s meal? Well, a new survey set out to discover that very thing.

A new YouGov poll finds:

  • 70% of Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving this year.
  • 12% will be skipping Thanksgiving, while 18% are unsure of their plans.
  • Of those celebrating:
    • 82% will be cooking the meal themselves.
    • 6% are ordering a pre-made meal.
    • 4% will go out to a restaurant
    • 2% will order takeout.
  • But for those who will be cooking the meal themselves, who in the household will actually be doing the cooking? The answer is likely women.
  • 27% of women say they do all the cooking on Thanksgiving compared to 16% of men.
  • 21% of women say they do most of the cooking, compared to 8% of men.
  • And it sure sounds like more men stay out of the kitchen completely.
  • In fact twice as many men than women say they do absolutely no cooking on Thanksgiving (25% of men vs. 11% of women).

And when it comes to cleaning up, yeah you guessed it, women are more likely to do that to.

  • 21% of women say they do all of the post-meal cleanup, compared to 13% of men.
  • What’s more, 18% of men admit to doing absolutely no cleanup, while only 8% of women say the same.


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