Gen Z Wants To Know If These 90s/2000s Trends Were Actually Real (YES)

A tweet from Twitter user @simonesimithedit recently went viral: “Gen X please explain why y'all got really into swing music for like 2 years in the 90’s?”

They raise a solid point. Why did most things happen in the 90’s and early 2000’s the way they did? If you were alive and thriving in this era, please help to explain:

  1. The phrase: “Talk To The Hand Because The Face Ain’t Listening”
  2. Also the phrase: ““all that and a bag of chips”
  3. Referring to frozen yogurt as "Frogurt"
  4. Exchanging screen names at college parties
  5. Drinking all that milk
  6. Men having thin goatees
  7. Wearing jeans under dresses
  8. Calling CDs computer discs
  9. The name “Wes”
  10. Wearing visors upside down

Check out thecomplete list HEREof questionable 90’s/Early 2000’s trends that people need answers to.


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