Our Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

While being with family and friends is an important part of Thanksgiving, let’s face it, the most important thing is the food. So, what are most people looking forward to having on their Thanksgiving plate this year? Well, a new YouGov poll finds:

  • Turkey is definitely the most popular Thanksgiving dish, with 83% saying it’s their top choice.
  • Although the most popular turkey-alternative is ham (67%), followed by beef (54%) and chicken (53%).
  • As for side dishes, mashed potatoes is the overall favorite (78%), followed by:
    • Stuffing/dressing (77%)
    • Bread or rolls (74%)
    • Scalloped potatoes (66%)
    • Sweet potatoes or yams (65%)
    • Green beans (64%)
    • Mac & Cheese (62%)

And let’s not forget dessert…

  • Pumpkin pie is by far the favorite pie, with 35% of people making it their top choice, followed by: 
    • Pecan (16%)
    • Apple (11%)
    • Sweet Potato (10%)
    • Chocolate (6%)
    • Cherry (4%)
    • Banana pudding (3%)
  • With 4% saying they don’t eat pie on Thanksgiving, and 10% choosing “other.” 
  • And of course, one of the best things about Thanksgiving is all the holiday leftovers. When asked how many days folks expect to eat at least one meal of holiday leftovers, the most common answer was two to three days (47%), followed by one day (23%) and no days (15%). 


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