‘HARD BALLING’ And Other Dating Trends That Are Popular Right Now

Several new dating trends have come as a result of the pandemic. Hard balling is one of the most prominent and it proves that we’ve really taken the extra time to figure out what the heck we actually want in a relationship.

According to Match.com, singles are now much more prepared to make known what it is they need out of a relationship…you know, thanks to all the time they’ve spent focusing on themselves over the past year or two.

Hard Balling is described by Match as a shift in mindset leading singles to feel more confident in communicating their deal breakers beforehand and quickly moving on to the next if their values don’t align. Other dating trends that are popular right now include:

  • Intentional Dating: Cut the BS! Life is short and people aren’t here to waste their time. Match reports that people are dating more intentionally and seriously than ever right now.
  • Green Dating: Finding someone with similar morals and values is important while dating. Specifically, more people are considering how climate-conscious their potential partners are.
  • Benching: While waiting for the one you really want to commit, benching is the practice of keeping one or two options on the sidelines just in case option A doesn’t work out.


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