The Worst Part About The Holiday Season

There are a lot of things to dread about the holiday season, like traffic, crowds, constant Christmas songs, but apparently there’s one thing about the holidays people particularly hate. A new survey finds:

  • 57% of Americans say gift wrapping is the worst part about the holidays.
  • 51% say they hate it so much they’d rather have a professional handle the duties.
  • Gift wrapping is so annoying for some that they will go out of their way to only buy gifts that are easy to wrap.
  • So, what are the hardest gifts to wrap? They include:
    • Bicycles (55%)
    • Gym equipment (46%)
    • Sporting balls (45%)
    • Guitars (45%)
    • Candles (22%)
  • 59% of people say they can tell what something is, and who it’s from based on how it’s wrapped.

Meanwhile, when it comes to gifts this year, the average person will spend $250 on the holidays.

  • Among the most anticipated gifts:
    • New smartphones, laptops, TVs (43%)
    • Experiential gifts (42%)
    • Popular toys from the year (38%)
    • Video game consoles (36%)
    • Clothing (32%)

Source:Slick Deals

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