Our Favorite Thanksgiving Sides

While turkey may be the star of the show on Thanksgiving, when it comes to the holiday meal many people are more excited about the sides. But there’s no doubt that some sides are way more popular than others. A new survey which was carried out by OnePoll on behalf ofThe Fresh Market finds:

  • While turkey is great, 74% of Americans say they’d be absolutely down for a holiday dinner of just sides.
  • Surprisingly, mashed potatoes were voted the most popular side dish, with 46% of people saying it’s their fave.
  • Other popular Thanksgiving side dishes include:
    • Stuffing (43%)
    • Sweet potatoes (39%)
    • Cranberry sauce (37%)
    • Mac and cheese (36%)
    • Green bean casserole (35%)
    • Candied yams (33%)
    • Cornbread (32%)
    • Baked potato (31%)
    • Corn on the cob (30%)
    • Brussels sprouts (29%)
    • Butternut squash (29%)
    • Collard greens (29%)
    • Peas (28%)

But where you live may influence which sides are your favorite, although only one area of the country doesn’t pick mashed potatoes as their top choice.

  • In the northeast, mashed potatoes are tops (45%), followed by sweet potatoes (43%).
  • In the southeast they prefer stuffing (45%), followed closely behind by mashed potatoes (44%).
  • Midwesterners’ top pick is mashed potatoes (51%), followed by stuffing (50%).
  • Those in the west also love mashed potatoes (43%), followed by sweet potatoes (41%).
  • And those in the southwest also pick mashed potatoes as their fave (46%), followed by stuffing (42%).

Source:SWNS Digital

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