Most of Us Spoil Ourselves Over The Holidays

The holiday shopping season is upon us, and while most people have lists of stuff to get for other people, it turns out plenty of people are simply treating themselves to holiday gifts when they go out shopping. A new survey conducted by OnePoll in partnership withAngara finds:

  • 80% of Americans say they deserve to be showered with gifts this holiday season.
  • That’s despite 25% of Americans saying they belong on the naughty list.
  • But apparently a lot of folks don’t wait for others to buy them gifts.
  • In fact, 74% of people say they are likely to buy themselves a present this year.
  • And 90% plan to spoil themselves even if they get gifts from other people.
  • 64% say they’d rather treat themselves because they know what they need, while 59% say it’s because they’ll get a better quality of gift.
  • 76% insist they are the best gift-giver to themselves, which is why 69% prefer to buy themselves presents.
  • And when it comes to treating themselves, money isn't ususally an issue.
  • 37% say they’d be willing to spend as much as $500 on a gift for themselves. 

But when it comes to getting gifts from other people:

  • 31% say they would like to be surprised by what they get, although 26% would rather let folks know what they want.
  • As for what folks would prefer to get from their loved ones this year:
    • 19% want electronics
    • 18% want gift cards
    • 15% want jewelry

Source:SWNS Digital

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