Study: Most Workers Are Suffering From Burnout

These days we keep hearing about the Great Resignation, and it’s pretty understandable why folks are up and quitting their jobs – it’s because many are just plain burnt out. A new survey finds:

  • 53% of American workers say they are suffering from burnout at work.
  • That’s true for 56% of women and 51% of men.
  • So, what are the biggest causes of this burnout?
  • According to the poll, they include:
    • Workload (52%)
    • A lack of communication (44%)
    • Juggling work and personal life (35%)
    • Time pressures (32%)
    • A lack of clarity about expectations (27%)
    • Bot feeling connected to their colleagues (25%)
    • Performance expectations (24%)
    • Not feeling connected to the company vision, culture and values (23%),
    • Not feeling empowered (22%)

But there are some things companies can do to help those employees suffering from burnout.

  • 83% of workers say a four-day work week would be a big help.
  • Other ways to reduce burnout include:
    • Increased flexibility (84%)
    • Decreased workload (82%)
    • Better health and wellness (78%)
    • Reduced administrative burdens (76%)
    • More on-site amenities (73%)
    • Working from home (67%)
    • The ability to relocate or work from multiple locations (58%)

Source:Business Insider

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