People Share What They Miss Most About the '90s

The ‘90s bring up so much nostalgia for many of us. Reddit userYoucancallmesizzlesbrought out this nostalgia even more by asking the question “What do you miss about the ‘90s?” The thread went viral (obvii) as everyone misses the ‘90s, but here are some of the top-voted responses.

  • “We didn’t live online yet. The internet was in its infancy and was a fun way to pass the time, but it hadn’t consumed us. Business was still being done in brick and mortar stores; our social lives were offline, etc.”
  • “Not being contactable 24/7. Peace of mind leaving school/work and not having to deal with their nonsense till tomorrow.”
  • “Air travel. Holy sh*t, I miss ‘90s air travel.”
  • “Concerts weren’t a sea of phones in the air. People are so concerned with people knowing they were at a concert via social media that they don’t even pay attention or experience the show. It’s so dumb. I hope the next gen rejects that stuff.”
  • "The privacy. I was just a kid/young teenager, but I only knew my best friends intimately. The rest of my class I didn't know or care to. Now it's like all your followers are in your bedroom/home when you post to social media."
  • "Honestly the thing I miss the most, and the thing that is so hard to explain to modern kids, is 'hanging out.' Before cellphones, people used to just go to each other's homes, or to some public space, and just spend time together."

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