Perms Are Coming Back...With a ‘Boy Perm’ Trend

If you lived through the 80s and 90s, there are some hairstyles you’d probably rather leave in the past, like rat tails and mullets. But it seems one popular ‘do for women in the 80s is making a comeback with a surprising group. Perms are big with teen boys right now and millennials and Gen Xers don’t know what to think.

The trend has been growing for a few years now and a quick scroll through the TikTok hashtag#boypermshows lots of tweens, teens and young adult males happily getting their hair curled. In the videos, most of the boys are getting perms at home, having friends or their mom DIY, but some clips are taken at hair salons, which means someone is paying big bucks to have these fellas get curly locks looking like a young Justin Timberlake in the early 2000s.

Having a hard time understanding how the hairstyle grandmas have been sporting for as long as anyone can remember is now all the rage with Gen Z boys? Apparently the look appeals to a wide range of people. “I went to a frat party not so long ago and so many people had the exact same perm as me,” says College student Gabriel Feliciano. The 22-year-old adds, “everyone from jocks to theater kids” seem to love it. “It’s the cool thing to do,” explains 15-year-old Ivan Isley. “Pretty much everyone on my basketball team has a perm.” And whether the grown-ups get it or not, boy perms are happening, at least for now.

Source:Cafe Mom

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