People Share Their "I'm Really An Adult Now" Moments

Ah, adulting. Has it fully hit us yet that we’re adults? Likely not, but then there are those certain moments when it does hit us. People are sharing the moments when they feel like they finally got a hand on this whole “adulting thing” and this is when they were.

  • "After working every day for 3 weeks straight, I finally had a day off of work and I was most excited to get my laundry done."
  • "My adult moment was when I spent two months researching the (totally fabulous) vacuum I bought. It’s the best damn appliance I own, and it makes me excited to clean."
  • "I realized I no longer have FOMO now that I'm older. I’d rather stay at home, save my money and get some extra sleep."
  • "I realized I was an adult when I got really excited that I received a spice rack for my birthday one year."
  • "My mom once complimented me on how clean my house always is and that was the exact moment that I felt like I was an adult."
  • "Every time it's my birthday or Christmas now, I ask for some furniture or an appliance... Last year I got a rug, this year I want a coffee machine."
  • "When I saw my name on a household bill for the first time it made me feel like a proper adult. I'm thoroughly sick of those bills now, though."
  • "I really wanted an ice cream bar at 8am and then I realized that I could eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted."

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