What Singles In America Are Looking For

Being single isn’t easy and it’s certainly been even harder over the past 20 months or so. There’s no doubt the pandemic has made looking for love more difficult, and it’s also had an effect on what singles are looking for, and now a new survey is giving us some insights into just that. 

  • Match just came out with their 11thannual Singles in America survey.
  • They questioned more than 5,000 singles on what they are looking for in a relationship.
  • The survey found:
  • Looks have become less important when it comes to what singles are looking for in a mate.
  • In fact, only 78% of those polled say they are looking for someone physically attractive, compared to 90% who said that was important in 2020.
  • As for what singles really are looking for:
    • 84% want someone they can trust and confide in
    • 84% want someone who can communicate their wants and needs
    • 83% want someone who's open-minded and accepting of differences
    • 83% want someone who can make them laugh
    • 83% want someone emotionally mature
    • 82% want someone comfortable with their sexuality
    • 80% want someone who has a life of their own
    • 79% want someone confident and self-assured
  • The most important quality they are looking for is emotional maturity (39%), which ranked higher than:
    • Honesty (37%)
    • Good communication (36%)
    • Kindness (36%))
    • Financial stability (35%)
  • Overall, 62% of singles are looking for meaningful committed relationships, while 11% just want to date casually.
  • 65% want a relationship within the next year.
  • 86% want a partner with an income at least equal to their own, while 89% want someone with a similar education level.
  • 76% are interested in a partner who wants to get married, which is true for 75% of women and 77% of men.
  • 81% of men said they think sex is "less important in a relationship now," compared to "how they felt before the pandemic,” something 87% of women agree with.

When it comes to the actual dates:

  • 27% of singles say they had a video date before meeting in real life.
  • 78% said they felt chemistry during their video date.
  • 34% of singles believe they could fall in love over a video date.
  • Although 71% of singles prefer to get to know someone via a phone call rather than text, before meeting in person.
  • 55% of singles say they are uncomfortable making out with someone within the first three dates.
  • 71% are uncomfortable with the idea of sex during the first three dates. 


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