These are the Top Dating Trends For 2022

Dating in 2021 has not been easy (is it ever?), and judging by a new report, it’s not likely to get any better in 2023.

Plenty of Fish has just come out with their fifth annual list of the Top Dating Trends of 2022, with pop culture and current events playing a big role in how people look for love next year.

The top trends include:

  • Baecationing(/bey-key-shuhn-ing) – When you go on vacation with a blind date or someone you just started dating because…why not?
  • Communidating(/kuh-myoo-nuh-dayt-ting) – Using dating apps to make friends and connections as well as finding dates and relationships.
  • Dar-WIN-ing(/dahr-win-ing) – Absolutely refusing to date someone who doesn't believe in science, whether it’s flat-earthers, anti-vaxxers or whatever.
  • Déjà vu-ing(/dey-zhah -voo-ing): Doing the same things with a new partner that you did with your ex.
  • Gambiting(/gam-bit-ing) - Taking a strategic and calculated approach to dating, like a game of chess, whether it’s in your selection of dating location, what you’re wearing, etc.
  • Handticipation(/hand-tis-uh-pey-shuhn) – An added anxiety that comes with not knowing what physical boundaries are acceptable due to social distancing from the pandemic, like if it’s okay to hug, handshake, or just wave at your date.
  • Hesidating(/hez-i-dayt-ing) – Not knowing how you feel about dating, and being unsure about whether want to date seriously or casually because life in general is so uncertain right now.
  • Megxit-ing(/meg-zit-ing) - Quitting a toxic relationship with family and friends because it negatively impacts your current relationship.
  • Moderna Love(/mod-ern-uh luhv) - When COVID-19 vaccination stats, including which shot received, becomes a desirable trait in a potential match.
  • Resigning(/ri-zahyn-ing) – When perspective and clarity gained through the pandemic leads to the end of a serious relationship.
  • Transformate-ing(/trans-fawr-meyt-ing) - Turning into your date/partner by dressing and acting like them.
  • Weekend Up-Dating(/week-end uhp-dayt-ing) - Using every new relationship as a kickstart to dating someone you find even
  • more attractive, more successful and with whom you have more chemistry! (Think Pete Davidson’s dating history.)

Source:Yahoo Finance

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