Woman Says No To Second Date, Guy Wants Refund For First

The issue of who pays on a first date can be a touchy one for some people, but once the date is over, the issue typically is, too. But one woman found herself still entangled in the money problem long after their date was done. Kyle Estella went out with a guy for the first time recently and no sparks flew, so she politely declined when he asked her for a second date. And that’s when things went wonky.

Kyle has gone viral on TikTok aftersharing a videoof the text exchange she had with this man who didn’t seem to take her turning down a second date very well. The messages show that weeks after their first date, he asked her out again out of the blue. When she said no to going out again, he immediately brought up money, asking, “Okay, but can you pay me back?” Kyle asked what he wanted to be paid back for and he replied, “parking and dinner” from their first date. And here’s the thing, she offered to pay when they went out, but he wanted to take care of it.

Then she jokingly asked, “Do you take Amex,” he responded, “No, PayPal” and when she told him she doesn’t have one, he demanded she create a PayPal account so she could transfer the money to him. At this point, Kyle says, “I’m so done with dating” and viewers on TikTok are outraged on her behalf.

  • “Another example of men feeling entitled to a woman just for buying dinner,” comments one.
  • Another jokes, “College doesn’t return the application fee if you get rejected.”
  • And one reminds her that she “Definitely dodged a bullet.”


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