The Drinks You Shouldn't Order On A Plane

During every flight there comes a time when the flight attendants come through the aisles offering folks something to drink, and you may want to think carefully before you make your choice. While deciding on a beverage may not seem like a big deal, travel experts note that there are some drinks that you may want to stay away from, and one that actually may taste better on the plane.

Drinks you should stay away from include:

  • Bloody Mary– The high salt content in a Bloody Mary, and regular tomato juice for that matter, makes it a bad choice on a flight. It could cause your legs, feet and ankles to swell up while you’re traveling. Also, since your taste buds change in the air, the drink may taste sweeter.
  • Diet Coke– This is more of a problem for the flight attendants than the passengers, but most attendants agree it takes super long to pour a Diet Coke, with bubbles foaming up more due to cabin pressure. Because of this your drink will likely take longer to get to you.
  • Tea or coffee– While you may need the caffeine boost, you’ll want to avoid these drinks because they are made with water from tanks that are never cleaned, and usually right by the toilets. Many attendants say that water is “disgusting.”
  • Alcohol– Sure the idea of enjoying a alcoholic beverage on a flight may sound good, but alcohol is dehydrating, which is going to be even worse on a flight.
  • Tap Water– Unless it’s bottled skip the water for the same reason you skip the coffee and tea.
  • As for the one drink that you may want to have on a flight, attendants say get a Ginger Ale. Because your tastebuds change due to cabin pressure, Ginger Ale will be less sweet, and taste sharper. It’s also known to reduce nausea, which could be beneficial on a flight. 

Source:The Sun

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