Woman Says She’s “Lucky To Be Alive” After Laundry Hack Gone Wrong

We love a good hack as much as anyone, but a woman on TikTok is warning others to be careful of the hacks they try after a dangerous experience. TikToker@haileeclarke87posted avideoexplaining that she tried a laundry hack for replacing dryer sheets with sponges soaked in fabric softener and it sparked a fire in her dryer.

The hack Hailee used isn’t new, it’s been shared on family blogs and social media for years and it seems simple enough. You just soak sponges in a mix of fabric softener and water, then toss them in the dryer, like you would a dryer sheet. But Hailee says when she tried it, she woke up to a house filled with smoke, a burned dryer and piles of ruined laundry. She points out that she “can’t say 100%” that the hack caused the fire, but says she’s never had any issues with the dryer before.

Hailee suspects the dryer “caught alight” and burned until her oldest daughter woke up and discovered the smoke, adding that if her daughter hadn’t found the fire when she did, her family probably wouldn’t have been able to get out in time because their smoke detector needed batteries. “It was absolutely terrifying,” Hailee says. “We’re really lucky to be alive, and I just want to spread some awareness to just be careful of the hacks that you try.”


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