What People Are Looking For In A Hookup

While some folks are out there looking for their one true love, there are plenty of people who just want to hook up, and now a new report reveals just what those folks are looking for.

A new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf ofHUD App finds:

  • The average person had their most hookups at 27.
  • 64% of people though still say they are interested in a “no strings attached” relationship.
  • But folks aren’t willing to hook up with just about anyone.
  • 22% of people still want to get to know the person they hook up with.
  • While 52% want to get to know them before things get hot and heavy.
  • 76% say it’s important that their hookup is polite and has good communication skills.
  • 21% want to hook up with someone who has their same moral views.
  • 49% say looks and personality are equally important when it comes to hooking up with someone.
  • But when it comes to physical qualities, the most important things include:
    • Smile (62%)
    • Body type (60%)
    • Eyes (59%)
    • Hair (43%)
    • Voice (37%)
  • And speaking of looks, over half of Americans admit they’d hook up with someone just because they look like their favorite celebrity.
  • Half of people also say they’d be willing to hook up with a friend, while 46% would even hook up with an ex. 

Source:SWNS Digital

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