TikToker Claims Beauty Trend Can “Brainwash Men”

A new beauty trend is going viral on TikTok because it doesn’t just transform your look, some users claim it can “brainwash men” into falling in love with you. Known as the “white dots” trend or the “four-eye dots trick,” TikToker Michelle Diaz has helped it gain popularity and she says the liquid eyeliner trick “can make any man fall in love.”

In avideo, Diaz gives a tutorial on how to do the four-eye white dot trend:

  • Apply makeup like you usually do
  • Using a white liquid liner, gently dab four dots around each eye: one at the inner corner, one at the outer corner, one centered between your eyelid and eyebrow and one in the under-eye area below your lower lash line.

Lots of TikTokers have given it a go with their white liquid liner, including Christy, who shows off the look in avideoand says it “definitely works” and that she “got a crazy amount of compliments.” Several of her followers took to the comments section to share that it’s been a hit for them as well, like one who writes, “literally every man could not stop looking at me.” But not everyone is convinced. TikToker@sopita4sophiatried it and says it did nothing for her. “Literally nothing happened whatsoever, LOL,” she tells followers. “Don’t believe everything you see on TikTok, kids.”


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