Top Things You Should Never Say On Dating Apps

Striking up conversations on dating apps can be awkward, as anyone who’s used them can tell you. Some singles get too deep too soon, others get nervous and ramble and some open up about their exes before they’ve even exchanged basic details, and all of that can cause a potential new online romance to fizzle before it has a chance. But a new survey fromCurrys PC Worldis here to help by revealing the topics that are considered “safe” and the ones you should avoid.

Talking about hobbies is harmless, according to 38% of those polled, who say that subject lets you reveal a little about yourself without going too far. Work is another risk-free topic for 29% of respondents and 27% say future goals and plans are also good options.

But on the flip side, the survey suggests there are several subjects you’ll definitely want to avoid bringing up on the apps:

  1. Don’t discuss your finances- Topping the list is money. A whopping 93% of those polled think talking finances with potential matches is a huge no-no.
  2. Sexual preferences- Coming in a close second, 91% say bringing up sexual preferences in a “getting to know you” chat is out of bounds.
  3. Politics- Veering into this subject is a potential minefield, according to 89% of respondents. Lots of people feel political debate is best saved for when you know someone better and that even hot button issues like “masks” can spark disagreements.
  4. Past relationships- A solid 86% also know that steering clear of chatting about exes and past romances -especially recent ones- can end badly. It can reveal that you’re not over your former flame or that he’s bitter because his ex ran off with his best friend. Explaining anything more than the most basic facts is just TMI at this stage.
  5. Your horoscopes- Surprisingly, 84% of those surveyed think astrology should be off-limits. While some singles may genuinely want to know “what’s your star sign?” it seems this topic is not appreciated by a majority of people, at least in this poll.


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